I wish the minds of children were contagious.


I spent my afternoon playing Superhero with Little Dude, a monkey blanket tied around his neck as a cape and a stick as a sword.  He had originally asked to go camping, so we drug our little blue tent outside (much to the discontent of the dogs).  Over the course of an hour in our square of a backyard, Little Dude was Batman, an explorer in the forest, a chef and a surfer.  He dove, ran and flew.

I was relegated to ‘making recipes’ at the pretend restaurant.  While I was making the fictitious green eggs and chocolate ice cream (Little Dude’s secret recipe), I kept thinking how much better off we as humans would be if we could tap into that imagination and wild abandon whenever we felt like it.  Imagine conducting your next business meeting with your pants on backwards or dressed up like a pirate.  Or a rockstar.  Awesome.

If you have lost touch with that inner joy, find it.  Spend time with a child and remember what it’s like to let your imagination run wild.  (Little Dude is available on weekends… You must provide your own blanket to use as a cape.)

Trust me, you’ll have a new outlook on life.

Guilt Goddess says: I have dibs on LD for Saturday!