This has been a week. An up and down, topsy-turvy, stomach-dropping-as-I-fly-through-the-days-type week. So, for this week in review, I am listing things I am grateful for that helped me navigate this crazy life over the past 7 days.

This week I am grateful for:

1. Girlfriends
Girlfriends with shoulders to cry on. Girlfriends to share a laugh. Girlfriends who have thrown cartons of yogurt at their significant others when mad. Girlfriends with wise words & life experience.

2. My ice cream maker
I made a profound discovery. Instead of just mixing cocoa into milk and having creamy chocolate milk for dessert, if I pour it into my ice cream maker and let it whir away for about twenty minutes, I get icy chocolate goodness. Mmm-mmm, chocolate milk ice cream… Come right over here and sit down with me.

3. Puppy dog eyes
Puppy dog eyes stare at me and my ice cream. Puppy dog eyes follow the spoon faithfully from my dish to my mouth, hoping a little of the chocolatey goodness will drop. Puppy dog eyes are steadfast and unwavering, deep pools of loyalty and understanding.

4. Top Chef & Project Runway
I waiver between being a contestant, whipping up my modern spin on french onion soup while wearing the cocktail dress I made entirely from balloons, and sitting on the judging panel, conferring with Tom and Padma about the exact shade of sear on a scallop dish and nodding solemnly when Heidi and Michael Kors (how come he is always ‘Michael Kors’ and not just Michael?) pronounce an outfit worthy of a middle-aged principal going to a Lady Gaga concert.

5. The summer sun
Finally, finally, now that the end of August is in sight, summer has arrived in southern California. Waking up to sun streaming through the windows is a glorious way to start the day.

6. Churros
Fried dough coated in cinnamon sugar. If you are human, this needs no explanation. If you are an alien, well- first, it’s pretty cool you’re reading this. Second, come- let me show you the fried and sugar-coated bounty earth has to offer.

7. Little boy hugs
Little hands clasped around my neck, sweet, soft little face cuddled up to mine, cheek to cheek. Every bad moment, every frustration, every tear gets washed away when those strong little arms come around me and hold on tight.

8. Bedtime stories
An extended version of the above. My favorite time of day.

9. Big Dude
He annoys me, he frustrates me, he channel surfs. He watches the same darn documentaries about the history of tanks over and over (normally when I’ve requested his help with emptying the dishwasher). But he is also my biggest supporter, my light from the lighthouse when life gets fogged in. Like any couple, we push each other’s buttons. But we also push each other to be better people. I am very grateful for that this week.

10. Hidden delights
I love spending time at Disneyland because there are so many hidden little details to discover when you really start looking. Hidden fairies nestled between plants in landscaping, walkway lights that are really #2 pencils with lights for erasers. Applying this to everyday life, what hidden little detail transforms an ordinary situation into an extraordinary one when you look beyond the surface? Every situation has the ability to teach and transform, we only have to be open to it. So even though this week was a roller coaster ride, I was able to spot a few hidden delights and treasures along the coaster’s track. I saw them winking in the sunshine, reminding me of the lovely surprises life has to offer.

Guilt Goddess says: A beautiful way to end the week. I want to add a quote from Elizabth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love: “Some days are meant to be counted, others are meant to be weighed.”  Keep making them count, honey.