As we move into the fall and my baby turns a year older and I realize that life is moving forward at the speed of light (yes, freakout updates coming soon), it’s nice to have simple, special moments where I’m reminded that my baby is still my little boy.

This is a conversation Little Dude and I had this afternoon. He likes to pretend he is a waiter and I’m a cook. We were discussing what to have for dinner, and Little Dude decided that fish sticks and pizzas made with tortillas would be on his menu. LD stood in the middle of my bathroom, red marker poised over his ‘order notepad,’ and delineated the following 18-step plan for making dinner (which he said were ‘instruction questions’ for me).

Step 1: Get the tortilla out of the bag.
Step 2: Put the pizza in the middle.
Step 3: Put the fish sticks in a pan.
Step 4: Put the pan on the stove.
Step 5: Set the table and drink some water while you wait.
(Whispering, ‘What number comes next, Momma?’ ‘You just did five. What comes next?’ ‘Six?’ ‘You’re right.’)
Ok. Step 6: Drink some more water.
Step 7: Have ice cream from the freezer for being a good boy.
(‘Don’t we need to eat dinner first?’ ‘We did. Now i get ice cream.’ Yup, we’re related.)
Step 8: Take a shower
(I guess this is the plan for the entire evening?)
Step 9: Put your towel on your head when you come out of the shower.
Step 10: Brush my teeth.
Step 11: Get the toothpaste out of the cupboard.
Step 12: Get the toothbrush.
(‘Mama, what number comes next?’ ‘Thirteen, honey.’)
Step 13: Read your kid a story.
Step 14: Cuddle.
Step 15: Go potty.
Step 16: Put your kid in bed
(‘Mama?’ ‘Seventeen, baby.’)
Step 17: Get your froggie.
Step 18: Wrap your kid into a burrito.

That’s all of my questions for you, Cook Mommy. Got it?

Then the little imp ran away with his order pad to go take Big Dude’s order.

Guilt Goddess says: That’s quite a bit to keep up with… Enjoy it while you can!