Guilty pleasures.  Guilty conscience.  Guilt over decision-making and decisions made.  Guilt over having so much guilt.  No matter what I do, GUILT seems to be a major player.  So, this is my light-hearted attempt to mitigate that guilt by embracing it.

Feeling guilty because I just ate ice cream for lunch?  Not a problem, I’ll just write about it and therefore feel better.
Feeling guilty because it’s May and I still haven’t written thank-you notes for last year’s Christmas gifts?  No worry, I’ll write a post about it instead of actually writing the thank-yous.

I’m not sure what direction this blog is headed, but the main theme is guilt in its many forms.  Entries might be campy, might sometimes be more serious and introspective, but I hope to keep them light-hearted and interesting.  Because, let’s face it — we all feel guilty about something, whether it’s lying to your mother or the ’80s hair bands on your favorite playlist.  I figure if we can give that guilt a voice, it might be easier to dismiss.