Yes, I have superimposed my head on an icon of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi.  I don’t mean any kind of disrespect.  On the contrary, I do this with the utmost reverence and respect.

The Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi is thought to bring good luck and embody grace, beauty and charm.  She is often pictured with four hands:  one hand with cascading gold coins for wealth and prosperity, one palm open bestowing blessings, and two hands each holding a lotus flower to symbolize her spiritual side bestowing the power of the mind and intellect.  Lakshmi is also a Mother Goddess embodying feminine power and fertility.

If I am going to delve into my guilt, I want Lakshmi’s blessings on my side.  I look to her for her feminine power and her wisdom, her sense of serenity as she perches on her lotus blossom that has risen from the mud of the river to support her on its bloom.  In blending my image with hers, I ask Lakshmi to bestow her wisdom and guidance on the path of this humble ‘guilt goddess.’