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It’s Thursday.  How did it get to be Thursday already?  Sheesh, time flies.

This time last week, I was packing up an RV and heading to San Diego County for a weekend of relaxation and family fun.  More than 600 photos later (I filled up a 4 GB flash card), this is what I have to report:

How awesome is it to walk out your door into the quiet stillness of the sunrise and be greeted by two rabbits munching on a patch of grass?  I briefly thought about waking up the Dudes, but I decided to just stand there, quietly taking pictures as the sun came up.  It was just me and the cottontails greeting the day.

I was blown away by the peace and majesty of Mother Nature.

After the Dudes were up, we went to visit the geese and ducks at the pond.  The geese had quite a bit to say, and Little Dude was not so sure he wanted to meet and greet the birds up close.

So, he found himself a special seat where he could see the birds but they couldn’t get to him.

I just kept taking pictures of flowers.

And sunsets.

And myself.

Camping, where have you been all of my life?
This experience was soothing and nurturing and so much family fun.  I can’t wait to go again.  In fact, I can’t wait to explore camping across the whole U.S.

Guilt Goddess says: It sounds like you finally had a chance to relax and recharge.  Nothing to feel guilty about there, honey.


Look- Big Dude made a list!

The organization, the forethought — I think I might swoon.  Quick, let’s look at it again.

Yup, it’s real!

We are going camping this weekend, ad I’m completely clueless.  Back in July when I reserved the camping ground spot, I didn’t think much about the planning of the adventure.  I skipped right over the “partial hookups” and “site description” and focused on the hiking trails and the promise of Legoland.

When I was very young, my family tried camping once.  I don’t remember much beyond eating toast while driving and getting to sleep in that little space above the front seats.  I was just a kid.  So, for this trip, it never occurred to me that I would need to bring my own sheets.  And a frying pan.  And toilet paper.  Somehow, I just thought we would buy a tent and some sleeping bags and off we’d go.

Thank goodness for Big Dude.  He has reserved us an RV, planned out what we need to take, and basically just taken care of everything.  It all fells so… so… gender stereotypical.  Family vacation at a beach resort in Mexico?  Planned and executed by WOMAN.  Camping trip in the wilderness where we must eat from the land and defend ourselves from wild animals?  Planned and executed by MAN.  (Ok, we’ll be in an RV with a fridge full of food from Trader Joe’s, but still.  You get what I’m saying.)  I feel like the helpless little woman who should be darning socks in the rocking chair on the front porch while the man goes out to rustle up dinner.  Maybe I should start paying more attention to those Man vs. Wild episodes he is always watching.

But he has a list!  (Let’s peek at it one more time.   Haha!  It makes me giddy.)

I shall trust in the list and stop worrying that I’m not doing enough.  I’ll focus on packing clean underwear.  And toilet paper.  And maybe a Man vs. Wild DVD so I’ll know what to do if I get separated from the herd and have to fend for myself.

Guilt Goddess says: Go with it, honey.  If he wants to take the lead, that means less stress and more relaxation for you.  And, of course, remind him of his capabilities with this list the next time you’re getting ready for a vacation.

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