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I wish the minds of children were contagious.


I spent my afternoon playing Superhero with Little Dude, a monkey blanket tied around his neck as a cape and a stick as a sword.  He had originally asked to go camping, so we drug our little blue tent outside (much to the discontent of the dogs).  Over the course of an hour in our square of a backyard, Little Dude was Batman, an explorer in the forest, a chef and a surfer.  He dove, ran and flew.

I was relegated to ‘making recipes’ at the pretend restaurant.  While I was making the fictitious green eggs and chocolate ice cream (Little Dude’s secret recipe), I kept thinking how much better off we as humans would be if we could tap into that imagination and wild abandon whenever we felt like it.  Imagine conducting your next business meeting with your pants on backwards or dressed up like a pirate.  Or a rockstar.  Awesome.

If you have lost touch with that inner joy, find it.  Spend time with a child and remember what it’s like to let your imagination run wild.  (Little Dude is available on weekends… You must provide your own blanket to use as a cape.)

Trust me, you’ll have a new outlook on life.

Guilt Goddess says: I have dibs on LD for Saturday!


With Big Dude working all weekend and the weather outside so iffy, I asked Little Dude if he would like to go see Toy Story 3.  (What’s better on a hot summer afternoon than sitting in an air-conditioned movie theater devouring a tub of buttered popcorn?)  When I made this suggestion, it was like I handed over a Wonka Golden Ticket.  To say Little Dude was excited does not even begin to describe his elation.

Getting ready for the movie, it wasn’t enough for Little Dude to wear his Buzz Lightyear t-shirt.  We had to have Buzz undies, Buzz socks, and he added the bright purple polyester/spandex hood from his Buzz Lightyear costume.

Walking through the shopping center to the movie theater, he got more than a few looks wearing a purple head covering that velcroed under his chin.  He even informed the concession guy that he, Little Dude, WAS Buzz Lightyear.  Concession Man asked, “How can you be Buzz out here buying popcorn but also in the movie?”

Never one to succumb to such logic, Little Dude replied, “But I have the hat AND the shirt.  I AM Buzz Lightyear.”

Off we went down the hall to the theater where Little Dude sat the whole time wearing the puprle hat velcroed under his chin, eyes rivetted to the big screen, his little boy world full of his friends and heroes.

Watching him, I couldn’t help but share in his imagination and wonderment.  At what point do we ‘grow up’ and start to feel self conscious about wearing silly things on our heads?  This outing made me realize that I spend too much time in the land of Adulthood & Priorities and not enough in the World of Wonderment and Imagination.

Guilt Goddess says: See what happens when you trade in some of that guilt and the ‘I shoulds’ for a carefree afternoon?  Way to relax, girlfriend.

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